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Buddhist Peace Fellowship

For over 22 years, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship's style of open-minded, open-hearted engaged Buddhism has served as a beacon for Dharma activists committed to transforming the world and themselves. Our aim is to help beings liberate themselves from the suffering that manifests in individuals, relationships, institutions, and social systems.

BPF's programs, publications, and practice groups link Buddhist teachings of wisdom and compassion with progressive social change.

DharmaNet International

DharmaNet's Gateways to Buddhism is an online clearinghouse for Buddhist study and practice resources. It is home to Dharmanet's own in-house databases and collections, as well as providing links to all online Buddhist resources, large and small. This public service is coordinated by DharmaNet International and is funded entirely through donations.

DharmaNet offers this www/ftp site freely in hopes of helping Buddhists and other interested individuals around the globe to find Dhamma teachings and teachers, to help support Dhamma centers in all traditions, to promote dialogue and communication, and to help build a vital and cooperative online Buddhist community.

Friends of the Western Buddhist Order

the fwbo is a worldwide buddhist movement devoted to re-expressing the essential truths of the buddhist tradition in ways appropiate to the modern world.

International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan
The Engaged Zen Foundation buddhist prison ministry

The Engaged Zen Foundation is an independent organization originally founded to foster zazen (seated contemplative meditation) practice in prison. Meditative training alters the functioning of the mind of the practitioner and these changes manifest with the development of positive perspectives on life. Our initial goal was to urge prisoners to use the time available during imprisonment to foster the practice of zazen, sitting in dynamic, lucid awareness, thus serving prisoners on release by enabling them, through their own efforts, to reenter society with a disciplined, patient, nonviolent and compassionate frame of mind.

The Mountains and Rivers Order (MRO)

Providing Resources and Support for Zen Buddhist Practice

MRO is an organization of associated Zen Buddhist temples, practice centers and sitting groups in the United States and abroad. Inspired by Zen Master Dogen's 13th Century Mountains and Rivers Sutra, MRO was founded by Abbot, John Daido Loori, MRO's function is maintaining the practice integrity of its member organizations. The mainhouse of the order is Zen Mountain Monastery, a residential retreat center in the Catskills of New York state. The order also operates Dharma Communications, a media company supplying resources for home practice. Groups of students around the world are joined in the MRO training program through the Society of Mountains and Rivers.

The Zen Studies Society

The Zen Studies Society was established in 1956 to assist the Buddhist scholar D.T. Suzuki in his efforts to introduce Zen to the West. In 1965 it came under the leadership of a Japanese Zen monk, Eido Tai Shimano, who shifted the emphasis towards zazen (Zen meditation) practice. With his dedicated energy, and the help of many Dharma friends and supporters, two centers for Zen practice came into being: New York Zendo Shobo-ji, on the Upper East Side of Manhattan; and Dai Bosatsu Zendo Kongo-ji, deep in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. In 1972, Eido Shimano Roshi received Dharma transmission from Soen Nakagawa Roshi, and today serves as the abbot and spiritual teacher of these two zendos in the Japanese Rinzai Zen tradition.

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